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Always choose a CANN Accredited Nurse for
your cosmetic treatments

We list only fully qualified and experienced medical professionals who use safe and effective cosmetic products and treatments.
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For NZ Cosmetic Appearance Nurses seeking urgent advice:

Eye Clinic

Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm: 09 307 4949 ext 27630

Eye Ward

Saturday-Sunday, Public holidays, and after hours: Phone: 09 307 4949 ext 28311

On-call eye registrar Helpline

Phone: (09) 307 2800

About Us

Representing NZ’s cosmetic appearance nursing professionals

CANN was founded in 2016 by leading Cosmetic Appearance nurses and trainers in NZ and has grown from strength to strength.

CANN nurses are all professionally qualified and trained and follow CANN’s “best practice standards”
developed by nurses and nurse educators with many years experience in the cosmetic appearance
industry. Our network of cosmetic nursing professionals allows us to share the latest knowledge,
training, and techniques to ensure the highest levels of patient care and safety. To check if your nurse is a member of CANN, head to our nurse directory.

CANN injectors follow the highest standards of practice in cosmetic injectables. To be a member and accredited nurses must have the highest levels of education, safety standards, and undergo auditing. This ensures the best outcomes and safer treatments for clients.


Beautiphi - Auckland

Appearance Medicine and Skincare Clinic

Accent on Skin

Cosmetic Medicine and Laser Clinic

Rebecca Burman

Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center

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