Consumer Advice

Getting the most out of your consultation

When considering any procedure, ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Communicate with your CANN nurse about any areas of concern – there are likely to be a number of different procedures that could be applied to achieve your desired result.

Do not be afraid to ask questions – your nurse will help you gain a clear understanding of the procedure and what results you should expect, including alternative procedures for you to consider. Your nurse wants you to be fully informed and confident.

All procedures can carry an element of risk – discuss this with your nurse. Some risks are very minor, such as bruising or redness. Others may involve specific advice. Your nurse will explain these risks and offer you guidance to minimise and manage any risks.

Before and after photos – ask to see some examples of the procedure you are contemplating to give you some ideas of possible outcomes.

Most importantly – choose a qualified, trained, cosmetic nursing professional from CANN’s member directory for your treatments.

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