Skin Better Science

Hi ladies,

Yay! Exciting times, we’ve finally managed to secure the first exclusive brand deal with AST for “SKINBETTER SCIENCE”.

I think it’s a solid offer, “pay $3386.10 inc and receive $450 in bonus stock” or “pay $5225.20 inc and receive $1200 in bonus stock”.

There’s more goodies to come, I’m still working on CANN offers for other AST brands but wanted to share this with you fresh off the press.

I’m also pushing for Teoxane and Merz to come on board with us, so hopefully I should have some positive news for us there as well. 

Please see the detailed offer below for more information. If you have any questions/suggestions get in touch.

Kind regards,


Open Order 1

NZCANN SBS Open Order 1

Complimentary Bonus Stock

5 x 5ml Interfuse Treatment Cream Eye

5 x 5ml AlphaRet Overnight Cream

1 bundle x Retail Bags

1 bundle x SkinBetter Science Brochures

1 x SkinBetter Science manual

1 x SkinBetter Science brand pack (selection of A4 and A5 point of sale)

1 x A4 Perspex Stand

1 x A5 Perspex Stand

Pay | $2878.18ex

Pay | $3386.10inc

Receive | $450 in bonus stock

Open Order 2

NZCANN SBS Open Order 2

Complimentary Bonus Stock

AlphaRet Pro Peel System 30 valued at $374ex – generate $4800 from this peel alone (*charging $120 per treatment)

10 x 5ml Interfuse Treatment Cream Eye

10 x 5ml AlphaRet Overnight Cream

1 bundle x Retail Bags

1 bundle x SkinBetter Science Brochures

1 x SkinBetter Science manual

1 x SkinBetter Science brand pack (selection of A4 and A5 point of sale)

1 x A4 Perspex Stand

1 x A5 Perspex Stand

Pay | $4441.32ex

Pay | $5225.20inc

Receive | $1200 in bonus stock

Brand Presentation – click the link:



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At Cryomed Aesthetics we would like to say a warm welcome and we are excited to partner with you as a healthcare provider in the Aesthetics/ Appearance arena. We are delighted we have partnered with CANN association, providing the best quality products with a discount for all members.
We want to be able to support your business in every way possible from devices, injectables to consumables. In NZ we have a great knowledgeable team who not only can support you with products but can assist with business development and clinical.

Our team in NZ are always available to answer all your questions. We all look forward to meeting you in person and continuing the educational / business partnership.

Meet The Team
Alyson Halalilo
Business Development Manager NZ

Alyson has spent the last 10 years with one of the most prestigious cosmetic groups in New Zealand, winning a plethora of awards during her time.

She has recently taken the role of Business Development Manager for the cosmeceutical portfolio of Cryomed in New Zealand, and is our first team member who is based out of Auckland.

Please contact Alyson for any education and business enquiries: 
+64 21 199 7302 / [email protected]
Juanita James
RN Wellington, NZ

Juanita is  a registered Nurse with a Post Graduate Diploma in public health. After briefly working in the public sector Juanita moved into the private sector, where she worked for 18 years in a well-established combined medical /appearance clinic.
Juanita has a wide experience within numerous treatment modalities including laser procedures, injectables and assisting in specialised surgical procedures. She has established her own appearance medicine clinic in Wellington and has developed a loyal client base over the years. Juanita strives to provide the best professional care and treatments while continuing professional development.
Michelle Ordner
RN Auckland NZ

Michelle has been a RN for now 30 years, spending 16 years living and working overseas in critical care and the emergency department in Los Angeles. In 2009 she returned to New Zealand and worked with a doctor doing skin surgeries and this is where she discovered the world of Cosmetic Medicine and Stem cell therapy.

Michelle has been a BDM and trainer for Galderma and now works independently delivering effective treatments with the very best products and techniques to enhance her clients appearance. Michelle continues to work as a clinical trainer for Cryomed with FILLMED laboratories ART FILLER collection, RegenLab PRP and FILLMED skin boosters.

Explore The Range
ENHANCE with Skin Perfusion skin care 
Developed by a French laboratory leading in cosmetic medicine and skin quality, SKIN PERFUSION is an innovative cosmeceutical range especially designed to maintain and enhance the results of cosmetic procedures.
Developed, manufactured and launched in 2016 by Laboratoires FILLMED, the ART FILLER® range benefits from an innovation in R&D: the Tri-Hyal® technology. The gels are made of non-animal origin hyaluronic acid, and feature a perfect equilibrium between free hyaluronic acid, long chains and very long chains hyaluronic acid. Each product of the range has been developed bearing in mind a precise treatment objective.
The ART FILLER® collection is to the practitioner what the palette is to an artist: a way to express his art.


Hi team,

This is another goodie from AST, a special CANN offer for a limited time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,


SkinPen should be the go-to for all Medical Professionals offering needling. We are seeing some exciting uses of SkinPen, with ACC approving its use to treat a patient with chemical burn scarring recently, because it has Medsafe’s approval.

The SkinPen wholesales for $3900ex and the treatment kits are available for $60ex each, however we offer a tiered purchasing structure (see presentation attached) where you order more and receive discounts. 

I am pleased to be able to offer NZCANN a special deal which will be available to you until the end of 2021:

SkinPen Precision Device and Charger $3500ex (usually $3900ex)

SkinFuse Precision Treatment Kits x 12 FREE (value $720ex) – these will generate you $4200 in revenue when charging $350 per treatment


Full training will be provided along with access to additional online training, education and marketing resources.

Upcoming Events

4:00 pm Clinical Aesthetics Symposium 2022
Clinical Aesthetics Symposium 2022
Aug 13 @ 4:00 pm – Aug 14 @ 6:00 pm
Welcome to New Zealand’s first Clinical Aesthetics Symposium. We are pleased to inform you that we are putting the first Clinical Aesthetics Symposium this August 13-14. We will be bringing you a refreshingly new approach to Aesthetics. Whether you are experienced in the aesthetic arena or are looking into transition into clinical aesthetics, there will...