To complete your ‘CANN Nurse Audit’, which is to ensure all your documentation is up to date (and easy to access if you have a nursing council audit, or any documents required by your oversight doctors) we have attached some useful documents below.  

For those who have completed their audits, we have each found this process really useful to ensure our practices are up to date and nothing has lapsed (which could cause some stress in our daily work life).

Accreditation/Association and Audit documents

Application for CANN accreditation

CANN accreditation Auditing Tool

CANN Audit of Practice

New Zealand Aesthetic Nursing Educational Guidelines

Examples of Documentation

Example of Peer review

Description of Scope of Practice

Useful Forms

Documentation for Competence -CANN

CANN Contract

Peer Review Group

60 Hours of Education

Hours Worked Document

professional development hours

Peer Review Hours

Loading Documents

To load your forms; you always have to click ‘My CANN’ to stay in the private, nurse only side of the website.   Clicking this will take you to your profile.  Here you can upload, change things and add things to your profile.  The more you have on your profile the more likely people are to come to your business.  You can only upload documents such as word documents and PDF files no photos.  Dont forget to save.

See below for tips that might help if you are struggling.

  • Only doc, docx and .pdf files are allowed to be uploaded. and in images format, .jpg, .jpeg and .png
  • In 1 field, only 1 document can be uploaded. You can not split cann scope of the audit into different parts (1 for each page) and expect to upload all of them into 1 field. You can only upload 1 file to 1 field. 
  • If your document scanner scans and outputs 1 page as 1 separate file, you can use any online free software like pdf merge and then merge those pages into 1 file and upload it. 
  • We have tried and tested and you can upload document upto file size of 40 mb and maybe more; the highest we tested was 40 MB
  • If you have a file uploaded, it will show as this (download file). The plugin being used allows only this much wiggle room so can’t do a live preview of the file. 
  • The end – Please ask to hit the save button after uploading the document to make sure the changes are saved. 

Article of Interest from Debi Bottema:

Our Role and Requirements as Aesthetic Medicine Adapts to Worldwide Changes and Needs


How to upload your documents

Although the website has been updated, this video will still give you a basic idea about how to upload your documents.  The only real difference is that instead of edit you will choose accreditation at the side of your profile to upload your documents.  The new website is much easier to navigate and if you click ‘My CANN’ it will take you to your profile where you can explore all the cool things you can now do with your personal profile.