Education and Training

CANN sees education and training as its most important role with regard to its membership and the public. This education and training role takes a number of forms, including the following:

Policy Making

CANN is at the forefront of developing and commenting on key policy issues with regard to education, CPD, and training within the area of aesthetic treatments. In particular it concentrates on the following:

• Developing Competency Frameworks for assessing and measuring the performance of individual nurses in aesthetics

• Working with educational and training providers to develop quality programmes for the sector

• Working with all key stakeholders to raise the awareness of the general public as to the range of treatments available and how best to achieve patient satisfaction.

Educational and Training Support

CANN surveys its membership every year and the feedback has been very strong with regard to the need to provide a range of education, CPD, and training activities to support members. Key support activities available to CANN members include:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All nurses need CPD and this is becoming even more important with new aesthetic treatments every year.  CANN provides a wide range of opportunities to attend CANN accredited events and presentations and provides support to members going through the Associate Training levels.  CANN helps oversee and set best practices following the Standards of Cosmetic Nurses of New Zealand and the Education Standards of Cosmetic Nurses of New Zealand.

CANN is also working with training providers to develop new programmes in the area of aesthetic treatments and business skills.

Upcoming Events

4:00 pm Clinical Aesthetics Symposium 2022
Clinical Aesthetics Symposium 2022
Aug 13 @ 4:00 pm – Aug 14 @ 6:00 pm
Welcome to New Zealand’s first Clinical Aesthetics Symposium. We are pleased to inform you that we are putting the first Clinical Aesthetics Symposium this August 13-14. We will be bringing you a refreshingly new approach to Aesthetics. Whether you are experienced in the aesthetic arena or are looking into transition into clinical aesthetics, there will...