Non Healthcare

I’ve been dealing with a lot of negative comments and messages from non-medical injectors during my complications course launch. Many imply I don’t really care…

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The world’s leading cosmetic

The world’s leading cosmetic surgeons claim thousands of people face permanent damage from new facial “filler” injections. They warn the risks faced by people having…

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Sydney woman Jean Huang

Sydney woman Jean Huang died after a botched breast procedure at her beauty clinic in August. Dr Hans Raetz, the president of the New Zealand…

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For NZ Cosmetic Appearance Nurses seeking urgent advice:

Auckland City Hospital 
Ophthalmological contacts
Eye Clinic
Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm: 09 307 4949 ext 27630

Eye Ward
Saturday-Sunday, Public holidays, and after hours:

Phone: 09 307 4949 ext 28311

On-call eye registrar Helpline
Phone: (09) 307 2800

District Health Boards

List of links to websites for all of New Zealand’s district health boards.

Legal and CANN Requirements of Standing Orders

Standing Orders are written documents that allow non-doctor health professionals (e.g. nurses) to dispense medications without a prior doctor’s consultation, as long as certain standards are met.

Full document is available here

Training for Nurses in Cosmetic Medicine

The CANN executive team, in conjunction with CANN members nationwide, has developed “best practice standards” for nurses working in cosmetic appearance medicine. The documentation is currently being finalised before forming the basis of professional, continuous training and education for cosmetic appearance nurses throughout NZ.

To record your interest and for information please email

Learn more about joining CANN

Learn more about joining CANN
For more information or to record your interest please email