Re- Opening Considerations

Hours of Service

Consider new hours of service when you re-open.  You may need to adjust for issues such as added cleaning time, staggered staff, high risk clients, early hours etc.

Virtual Lobby

To assist with social distancing you may want to consider creating a ‘virtual lobby’ where clients check in from their cars via text and then wait until you text them that they may come into the office.

Pre-Screening Clients

Develop a pre-screening questionnaire asking about COVID symptoms when confirming next day appointments.  Ask them to please come solo.  Also think about whether you will be taking clients’ forehead temperature upon arrival.

Relaxing Cancellation Policies

You may want to go ahead and relax your client cancellation policies for the time being.  We want clients who feel ill or even just anxious to stay home.

Communication to Clients

Make sure you are communicating all of these steps to your clients through phone scripts, emails, and text messages.  They want to know you are on top of these issues and providing a safe and sanitary environment.

Useful Documents you might want to use

Cheena-Michellene Windleburn’s documents for Operation at Level 2:

Infection Prevention and Control Action Plan – Operating at Level 2 – COVID 19 – Southern Aesthetics

More documents for use:

Cleaning Checklist During Covid

Cleaning Checklist During Covid Covid1 Deep Clean 20210201

PPE List of suppliers for whatever you might require:

Coronid 19 PPE Contacts for CANN

Worksafe for your Health & Safety folders:

WSNZ_3741-Covid-19-Pandemic-Form (1)

Sign or ‘form to fill out’ for contact tracing:

Pre Covid Healthcare Questonaire

Example of Protocols for clinic:


Traffic Light Protocols

CANN Orange and Redlight Protocol

CANN Green light Protocol


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